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for the compulsive notebook-buyer
3rd-Dec-2005 06:24 am
farmer's market
there's something about concretizing things, or rather 'letting things indulge in the process of concretization themselves,' that seems to be a uniquely artistic instinct.

For a long time I have been afraid of the implications of commitment, running from it in any form- My diagrams on homework assignments are always shaded lightly and apologetically scripted into with passive voice and tidy handwriting. Even art pieces are only just as I imagine the art teacher would like them to be. My relationships have been predominantly in the service of the other person or persons... Life has been, up until now, a series of hoops through which I have happily bounded, looking forward to that one little doggie treat on the other side of the cone slalom.

Okay, over it.

Moving on, fearlessly.

Stand back, ladies, gentlemen, and those in between, neither, or both. This could get interesting.

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