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for the compulsive notebook-buyer
4th-Mar-2006 11:16 am
[E] think of her when the sun goes down
Another story from me... :) Enjoy!


She was nervous as hell.

In the back room, she paced, wringing her hands together anxiously, trying to calm her nerves. Running out of breath, she seated herself in the nearest chair.

A man in a headset cracked the door open. Peering in and spotting her in the folding chair, he held up one hand, giving her a five-minute warning.

She nodded and he left, the door shutting behind him reverberating through the room and seeming louder than normal.

Five minutes.

She took a drink of her water, trying to somehow smother the butterflies fluttering in her stomach.

This was it.

Her shot, her night.

Her chance to shine.

The sound of her name being called startled her, and she jumped slightly. Looking up, she saw the man with the headset from before. She nodded again and followed him out of the room.

He gestured to a door, and she went through onto the stage. When she reached the center, the spotlights came on. She squinted, momentarily blinded.

After opening her eyes, she focused her vision only to see the crowd of people seated before her.

She could see familiar faces scattered throughout the audience.

Her mother, her father, her brother, her friends…

They were all there to support her.

She took a deep breath, grabbing the microphone from the stand.

You can do this.

Grinning, she raised the mic to her lips. She opened her mouth and began to sing.

And it was beautiful.


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