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for the compulsive notebook-buyer
24th-Feb-2006 08:20 am
[E] think of her when the sun goes down
Hi, all! I just joined. I'm normally a fanfic writer... This is one of my first pieces not associated with television show and concrit would be greatly appreciated. I'm sticking it behind an lj cut just because I use a lot of one-or-two sentence paragraphs, so it looks a bit longer than it actually is. Plus, it addresses suicide, so I thought I should put it behind a cut as a warning.

I know it was posted, like, two months ago, but this is a response to Challenge #2, D - Distance.


She peered over the edge of the railing.

The water had never looked so far away before. She could hardly see it through the thick black of the night.

In a car, she had crossed this bridge numerous times, almost too many to count. But she had never set foot on it before.

It looked so different, so peaceful, she concluded, when you were standing still rather than the blur of murky blue usually seen through the tinted glass of a car window.

She looked back at the road behind her. In some deep, shrouded corner of her mind, she desperately wished to see headlights, anything that would stop her, if only for a moment.

Nothing appeared, though, and she was forced to return her gaze to the river below.

She didn’t want to die.

Not really.

She just wanted to break free of the chains that were holding her down, pressing into her.

Her boss, parents, teachers, boyfriend…

They all had expectations, and she was tired of trying to please them.

After a deep breath, she shakily climbed atop the railing, using a nearby beam for support.

In this moment – her last moment – it wasn’t going to be about them anymore.

It was going to be about her.

She let go, spread her arms wide, and leaned forward, feeling a rush of wind against her pale skin.

Suddenly, she was falling.




Cross-posted in my lj, krys33, and in shortstoryhome

Oh, Lemon Jelly? Apparently all your advertising in 'Wake the Hope' paid off! :)

24th-Feb-2006 04:32 pm (UTC)
I know!
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